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Cornell Reese, Founder KJoseph Watches

KJoseph Watches was firstly designed, years ago, by a man who got his inspiration from his loving daughter and grandfather – and from Mickey:


With the intention of providing wristwatch lovers with both quality and beautiful design, I derived the name from my daughter - whose name is Kennedy - and my grandfather – whose name is Joseph. Kennedy was born 3/1 and my grandfather Joseph was born 4/3.  Hence, the name K.Joseph and the “3143” in the logo. 


Not only do I have extensive business and marketing skills, I have years of experience in delivering quality solutions to businesses. This gives me assuring confidence that my designs for KJoseph Watches can be a fit for any and all occasions. 


I design the same item (I think better!) but with higher quality than what competitors offer and at an affordable price. I love clean lines. And when designing, simplicity acts as my watchword. Through my app and latest designs, my crowning achievement is my relationship with you – the customer.


As the owner and designer, my passion for wristwatches grew from my very first Mickey wristwatch.

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